Away from studio between 20 to 31 Jul 2018. All outstanding orders will be mailed out when I get back ☻

Internet Breakfast


Internet Breakfast is a cooking show scam broadcasted on a series of Instagram stories where viewers help me cook up the ultimate breakfast by voting for what ingredients I should add.


Interactive Performance Art


What breakfast is like in alternate reality.

There are already so many salivating how-to-cook-this videos that people circulate on Facebook. Using real ingredients could be predictable and may not match up to these existing cooking shows. But using found objects to subvert reality could add an element of surprise and suspense.


The use of found objects is inspired by "Western Spaghetti" by PES, a stop-motion animation that uses familiar household items, typical of an American home, to prepare a plate of spaghetti.


A voting poll is open for 15 - 30 mins. The props are then crafted spontaneously using objects I scavenge from my bedroom and then filmed in 1 - 2 takes. The cooking outcome is posted on Instagram story and the next voting poll is open.

The set-up consists of a table leaning against the wall, a simple back drop using brown paper, a tripod for my phone camera, and a laptop to play my sound effects.