[Limited Edition] Cozy Denim Jacket

[Limited Edition] Cozy Denim Jacket

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Only 1 piece in existence.

This unisex oversized outerwear is suitable for wearing in air-conditioned places or outdoors at 16 - 23°C.

The design at the back is embedded using fabric sublimation and embroidery, which produces high quality graphics on cotton nylon.


Light-wash denim


Top-down length 74cm / Shoulder across 72cm / Chest across 72cm / Back across 72cm / Sleeve length 51cm / Collar circumference 49cm / Wrists circumference 29cm / Bottom circumference 100cm / Upper arm hole 36cm / Lower arm hole 31cm

*may vary 1-2cm +/- from actual measurement

Washing Instructions:

Put the jacket into a laundry bag and set washing machine to gentle cycle.